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High Fines for Users of Tax Cheating Software

Your accountant can advise you on financing options, investments, future planning and of course, strategies to minimize your tax payments. Business owners operating without this professional support may be tempted (more...)

When Extreme Weather Hits

As seen by the major flooding in Alberta last summer, natural disasters can escalate quickly. During these events, filing deadlines are put on the back burner and personal safety takes priority. (more...)

Death Benefits

Considering the many tax implications of estate planning. (more...)

What Happens When Your Business Accepts an Investor?

What happens to your business when you accept an investor is dependent on the type of investment and the investor. Investments can take different forms: Debt or loan - this (more...)

Accepting Cash for Jobs can be a Risky Business

We all know about the underground economy – a quiet, cash-in-the-pocket exchange for a product or service.  For many people, conducting business in this manner is considered a ‘win-win’ since (more...)

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